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Multi-generational exchange meeting @ Laville Kawasaki - 1st


1.First of all ~ What is CORUNUM?

2.The goal of this event

3.In this event…

4.Making self-introduction card

5.Making CORUNUM Mandala card

6.Future Plan


1.First of Alll

Hello! I’m Kana Yoshida from NPO CORUNUM. 

I am proud to announce that we were able to host the SOMPO CARE LAVIRE KAWASAKI x NPO CORUNUM Multi-generational exchange party!

We had a lot of volunteers from Laville Kawasaki and junior high and high school students, and 

The number of participants was more than 50!

It was a very friendly and enjoyable party! 🙌

We had a total of 5 team meetings to plan for the event from scratch. 

Although only 7 members were able to participate on the day of the event, those who were not able to attend the event thought together about the plan during the team meetings, created slides for the introduction of the event, and designed posters to be put up at the facilities . We were able to achieve a "social event created by the effort of all the members".👏

CORUNUM, an NPO and student organization, brings together students from various universities and high schools in Japan and abroad to think about a harmonious and sustainable society, and to launch a variety of projects and events.

The society we aim for is one in which we care for and help each other, a society that values the will and way of life of each individual, and a society where citizens can cooperate with each other beyond borders and groups.

At CORUNUM, we are working daily to contribute to the construction of a sustainable society where each individual can utilize his or her strengths by providing places and opportunities to connect organizations, companies, universities, and NPOs across the board, such as disability x art, part-time jobs x medical treatment sites, IT x SDGs, and so on.

In addition to supporting artistic activities by social minorities as described above, we are currently producing "Future City," a project to create booths for companies, NPOs, and student groups working on the SDGs in the Metaverse space.

CORUNUM is also positioned as the secretariat of a coalition of student organizations.

2.The goal of this event

This event created an opportunity to communicate and interact through art and play with people of different generations who are not usually involved and who have "something" that you don't have! The goal of the event was to promote communication and exchange through art and fun.

For more information, please have a look at the blog of the 1st Multigenerational Exchange 👀

3.In this event…

There were two main projects: making self-introduction cards and making CORUNUM mandala cards!


4. Making self-introduction cards: ✏️➰

At the beginning of the event, participants can make "self-introduction cards" with their names and favorite things written on them, so that they can call each other by name during the event and create topics of conversation!

They start by writing names on construction paper, then decorate them with stickers, masking tape, colorful pens, etc., and tie them around their necks with string 👍.

While making the cards, participants were talking about which decoration they would use, and how they liked the design. ☺️

We are always amazed at the depth and variety of the participants' worldviews in their unique self-introduction cards. ‼️

5.Making Corunum Mandala Card

We have powered up the "Big Mandala Coloring Book" that we did previously at Kiba Park! 💪

This project was based on our preliminary discussion with the person in charge of the facility, who said, "We want to make something that each person can take home at the end of the event.

And I am proud to announce that the coloring book used in the project was an original design created in collaboration between the exchange team and the design team!

This coloring book was divided into four parts and painted by four people. A unique mandala pattern was created when all the coloring pages painted by everyone were gathered into one.

One of CORUNUM's strengths is that we have multiple teams working in a balanced manner 👀.

Since this project was completed by two teams working together, we were able to fully enjoy the advantages of CORUNUM, which was a major point of this exchange meeting.🌸

On the other hand, some parts of the mandala got lost when putting it back together after painting, and other areas for improvement were also brought to the fore.

We will continue to Level Up plans for the future, so please look forward to it♪

6.Future Plans

CORUNUM holds social events regularly!

In addition to social events, we also hold exhibitions,job hunting events for university students, and various other activities.

Please visit our website,Instagram and X 🔍✨.


🌸April 27th (Sat) SOMPO Care Kiba Park

Making big cherry blossoms and cherry wreaths


Looking for Volunteers!





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