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CORUNUM 〈Art & Crafts workshop division〉


To our new audiences, hello and welcome to our blog! We are CORUNUM a student runned Non-Profit-Organization. For many of you it must be the first time to hear about our organization named CORUNUM, so let me first introduce to you briefly about our organization.

Firstly, does anybody know the meaning behind the word CORUNUM? If you know, I'll bet you are a Latin language master. The meaning behind the word CORUNUM refers to “bringing in to one heart” in Latin. 

The “UNUM” in the end means UNITY, UNIQUENESS, and UNIVERSITY which is also the ideology of our organization. In our organization each member uses their unique artistic talent, contributing to crafting events and welfare workshops that our NPO organizes. We as a team acknowledge each other through these activities aiming for the realization of a symbiotic and sustainable society.

In addition, our organization is formed from many different divisions, constructing an environment where anybody can join and contribute to our project in any way possible. Within these many divisions inside of our organization I belong in the Children’s department’s “Art & Crafts workshop division”, and in this blog I will like to introduce the projects that we conduct as a department. Our Arts & Crafts division communicates with a wide range of people of different ages through art, in addition having a purpose to provide opportunities for younger children to develop self expression and creativity. 

So, you might be wondering what kind of activities we do. We mainly as a division, organize events with several organizations around the Kanto Region that provide day care for elderly, elementary school children, and also people with disabilities. In these events we create artworks together, enhancing the communication with the participants. We always incorporate artistic elements inside the crafts that we and the participants create as a plus alfa, prioritizing a free-spirited expression in each piece. 

For example, when we made a paper cup KENDAMA at an event, the participants used Origami and colored pencils to decorate their Kendamas. This added artistic elements to the Kendamas that were created, making all of them differ in an unique way. 

As for the members of this NPO, not all of them are from the Kanto region. Even though the events are conducted in the Kanto region, many of our members outside of the Kanto region contribute to these events in the planning process. We as an organization open meetings online every week or month, where we brainstorm and plan contents for the events. We as a NPO have a system where anybody can join and create fantastic events together that bring inspiration to many people. 

Next, I would like to talk about how we work as a department. Regularly we conduct online meetings where we talk about how we are going to operate and manage the future events as a team.  The pace of the meeting is about 1 in 2 weeks, but the pace might increase in the closer days of an event. Basically all of the members will give out ideas and opinions in this meeting, but it is more of a relaxed conversation, where we have some fun conversations as well. However, we still follow the concept of respecting each other and their comments and ideas. The focus of our conversations are to improve the qualities of the events and to think about how we can express our CORUNUM originalities in the events. To construct an environment where we can easily say our thoughts and ideas, all of the members stand on the same level, no matter the span in CORUNUM or their age. 

Most of our face to face events are smaller in scale. We enjoy recreational activities in relatively small groups. This allows us to interact more in depth with one another and talk with each person face to face. There is a friendly atmosphere with constant smiles on the faces of everyone, including the members during the events. It was very memorable when I got many positive comments after the event such as "There were more smiles than usual," and "I have never seen such a smile on their faces”. We are very happy to receive such compliments, and it makes us feel glad that we have worked so hard.

We often as a division prepare the day before an event at the facilities. Even though we as a NPO mainly operate online, we also have many opportunities where we can meet face to face, which provides a new relationship that cannot be experienced in online meetings. In addition, by actually going to the facilities and participating in the events we can see the participants having a great time with smiles on their faces. By participating in the events,  you can realize the point that can be improved in the future events as well. It is perfect for people who want to experience event management and face to face events with people you meet for the first time. For people who are interested in the “Arts & Craft” division we are always looking for new and motivated members. We are always happy for a new member to come and have a great time with us! 

If you are interested we post more blogs about our events and trivia on the CORUNUM website, so please feel free to check! 

Thank you for reading our blog, and I hope you have a lovely day!






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